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This mystical training shall remain accessible until the clock strikes the fateful hour, after which, like a vanishing spell, it will disappear into the mists of time, never to return.

As an essential component of your enchanting training, the enigmatic Ernesto Verdugo has penned a spellbinding instruction manual, the key to unlocking the full potential of Oberon. 
This invaluable tome can be found at the following mystical link:
Here's the link to download the manual


The Oberon Prompt eagerly awaits your call, ready to be summoned into your realm of creativity.
However, before you can harness the extraordinary power of this prompt, you must make contact with Ernesto.
He will provide more information, clarify the investment required, and assist you in seamlessly integrating it into your Chat GPT interface.
To embark on this journey, send a message to Ernesto via his digital portal at www.bettercallernie.com. 
Your first step is to convey your interest to Ernesto, expressing your desire to acquire this remarkable 16-page, 5000-word long prompt!

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