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"Imagine Having An AI Muse and Book Writing Pal Who Will Help You Write Compelling Books To Position Yourself As An Expert in your Industry"

On this page, you'll gain access to an instructive manual that provides a step-by-step guide on harnessing the full power of Oberon. This powerful 16-page, 5000-word guide will transform your Chat GPT account into a creative muse, empowering you to craft compelling novels brimming with heart, soul, and your unique ideas

Introducing Oberon: Your Ultimate AI Muse and Masterful Book Writing Companion!

Ever Dreamt of Writing a Powerful Self-Help Book to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry?

With Oberon by your side, you'll craft a self-help novel so engaging, Amazon might just send it a Valentine's card! Say goodbye to those robotic, soulless AI books – Oberon's here to create a 65,000-word masterpiece in less time than it takes to binge-watch a season of your favorite show. You'll feel like a movie director, not just a writer!

Imagine Having a Muse, Writing Pal, Editor, and Even a Spell Checker, All Bundled Into One Powerful Prompt For You To Copy-Paste On Chat-GPT.

Picture this: Oberon can conjure up characters, plot-lines, hooks, dialogue, narration, and captivating narratives. With the Hero's Journey coursing through its virtual veins, your book will be an epic like a Hollywood blockbuster! And as for editing, grammar, and spelling? Forget about it! Oberon serves up paragraph after paragraph of pure educational genius, all cleverly disguised as a novel

How Many More Opportunities Will You Attract With a Book Like This on Your Corner? 

Speaking gigs, TV interviews, radio spots, and media features – they're all on the table when you've got an AI muse by your side. Self-help novels are secret keys to uncharted territories. Just this year, I've been invited 23 times to grace the news, magazine covers, radio shows, and podcast invitations are stacking up like pancakes. Why, you ask? Well, it's all thanks to two self-help novels that I crafted with my trusty AI muse, whom I fondly call 'Lucas.'

These Remarkable Achievements All Thanks to 2 Books Crafted Alongside My AI Muse!

I'm not pulling your leg here! Just a year ago, if you'd said I'd be writing not one, but two self-help novels and appearing on TV 23 times in a year, I'd have thought you were as eccentric as a three-dollar bill. But believe it or not, it's true! This is what happens when you let the AI genie out of the bottle. You get yourself a muse that helps you whip up literary masterpieces from your very own brainwaves. And let me tell you, these pages aren't just pages; they've got heart and soul, and they're more gripping than a squirrel with a nut stash.


Featured on the Cover of the Houstonian Review


Became Resident AI Commentator at UNIVISION


Full article about me in a prestigious magazine


Featured on local TV shows in multiple cities


Featured on the first page of a local newspaper


Landed multiple Keynote talks at multiple events

Ready to Write With Might by Awakening Your Own AI Muse, All Without Having To Step a Single Foot Inside Hogwarts?


When I see what Oberon can do , it feels like pure wizardry straight out of Harry Potter! 

That's why , I decided to conjure up a 'spell book,' so to speak, with step-by-step instructions on how to harness the power of this bad-to-the-bone prompt in your Chat GPT interface.
But wait, there's more!
Oberon isn't just any AI—it's trainable through pure Machine Learning Magic. 
Just follow these enchanting steps, and before you can say 'Professor Snape,' you'll be training your AI muse like a true wizard!

Behold, this AI Spell Training Manual spans a whopping 131 pages, containing the very incantations I've employed to craft not one, but two mind-blowing self-help novels. 

These literary treasures have flung open the doors to a media whirlwind—I'm practically living in media magnet heaven!

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