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Ernesto Verdugo, a top-dog in the international event scene, is gonna break down where your speaker game might be falling flat. 
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Dive deep with Ernesto, cook up a killer strategy, and gear up to rock stages ALL OVER THE WORLD. 

Ernesto Verdugo has catapulted over 500 speakers to dazzling destinations like Dubai, Bahrain, India, Oman, Amsterdam, Madrid, and more. On top of that, he's a resident commentator for the largest TV network in the United States and a standout speaker himself. 
With a foot firmly in both worlds – the speaker's industry and the event planner's desk – Ernesto is uniquely poised to show you precisely what it takes to get booked and take the stage.

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Ernesto's time is precious. With just 30 slots for these complimentary sessions, Jackie and Ernesto urge you to book only if you're committed to showing up. No-shows let down Ernesto, Jackie, and the entire Speakertunity family.
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Ever Wondered How Event Planners Decide Which Speaker To Hire?


Event Planners Don't Just Hire Speakers; They Hire Headliners!

An event planner's primary role is to ensure successful, packed events. To achieve this, they must effectively showcase their speakers in advance. 
That's why they often go for speakers who are easyto market, even if they are NOT the best onstage!

If you're aiming to land speaking gigs worldwide, you gotta hand event planners EVERYTHING they need on a silver platter. Make it super easy for them to spotlight you as their main act. 

That's the golden ticket to steady speaking gigs

Who Has Experienced the Global Spotlight Thanks to Ernesto's Expertise?


Ernesto has rolled out the red carpet to global stages for industry luminaries like Russell Brunson, Vishen Lakhiani, Mike Filsaime, Joel Bauer, John Carlton and Perry Marshall.

Fun Fact: In 2008, Ernesto was the one who introduced Russell Brunson to the global stage in Dubai. And get this - several clips on the ClickFunnels website? Yep, they're from Ernesto's events.

Moreover, Ernesto Has Graced the Stage Alongside Premier Speakers Such As:


Vishen Lakhiani: CEO of Mind Valley


New York Times Best Selling Author: Jack Canfield


New York Times Best Selling Author: Brian Tracy


Coach Carter (Yep, the one from the Movies)


Andy Harrington: UK's #1 Speaker Trainer


Online Marketing Personality: Mike Koenigs

The One Call That Can Elevate Your Speaking Career's Trajectory.


Imagine having a seasoned event planner guiding you on the dos and don'ts of market positioning. 
Speakers often think from their own perspective but struggle to step into the shoes of decision-makers.
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