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What Will I Be Learning In This Training?

● How To Think Like A YouTuber● How To Monetize Your Channel in 31 Days● How To Get YouTube To Recommend Your Content

YouTube is NOT Another Social Media Platform...
This 45 minute session was specifically designed to help you understand what you need to do SPECIFICALLY as a speaker to grow your audience on YouTube!
We understand your time is valuable, so we GUARANTEE each minute on this presentation will provide you with insights we GUARANTEE no one else is sharing!

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Wednesday January 11, 2023 At: 1:00 P.M. (EST)

1:00 PM Eastern /11:00 PM Pacific Time

Attention Speakers, Trainers and Coaches:

Your YouTube Channel Is More Important Than Ever Before...

LIVE events are coming back and event planners around the world are paying more attention to Speaker's YouTube channels than ever before! BUT NOT ON THE WAY THAT YOU THINK...
If your YouTube channel has a limited amount of subscribers and each video has a hand full of views you're running the risk of being overlooked in your effort to land new gigs
That's why we at the Selling on the Spot Marketplace want to bring this FREE training for you!
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Who Is Ernesto Verdugo?

Ernesto is the Vice president of Marketing & EventsFor the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce


He has organized events in 26 countries in 5 different continents.
An award winning speaker who has presented in 65 countries for people of 130 nationalities in 3 languages.
Google his name and you'll find amongst the 463,000 results, he is the 247th most traveled person in the world.
Get ready for an eye-opening training!
Here's his in-depth profile

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