Speak In America, Key Person of Influence Credibility Staging Pre-Event Page

November 29 to December 3, 2023 Houston, Texas


Welcome Magicians To Space City USA!

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On behalf of The Team of Speak Internationally, The US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and the Fulshear Katy Chamber of Commerce, we would like to welcome you to your Key Person of Influence Credibility Staging Event!
As you already know, this event has a lot of moving pieces, for this reason, this page will be a 'working document' to keep you informed about each and every step you need to be aware of before the event.
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We've successfully organized 17 events like this one, and we typically release the hotel information 21 days prior to the event. This time around, securing a venue proved a bit more challenging, as confirmations from venues have been unusually delayed. 
We understand many of you are eager to book your accommodations, and we want to assure you that we're committed to choosing the best location, considering we'll be moving around the city.

Regarding hotel bookings, since 55% of our participants are Houston-based and don't need hotel accommodations, it's been challenging to secure hotel blocks. Hotels generally require a minimum of 15 bookings to offer group rates, so unfortunately, we don't have room blocks for this event. 

Therefore, we advise you to book your accommodations as early as possible.

We have selected our 'homestead' hotel at the 'Memorial' Area of Houston, known for its central location relative to the various venues we'll be visiting. 

We're pleased to announce the hotel we've selected for our event. It's a straightforward, no-frills 2.5-star hotel that offers excellent value. You'll enjoy complimentary amenities like parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast. Considering the limited time you'll be spending in the hotel, this option provides cleanliness and a perfect location for our needs.

This Hotel is located about 45 minutes southwest of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).
AGAIN, This is our RECOMMENDED hotel, if you prefer to stay somewhere else, we recommend you search for hotels near Memorial City or The Galleria. 
Here is the link to the hotel's website
The price per ROOM is listed RIGHT NOW at $71per night, yet we have seen the price as low as $64 on other websites.
Priceline and Trivago are the cheapest options


Memorial City Centre Houston Texas


Sonesta Simply Suites Houston CityCentre I-10 West
10503 Town And Country Way, Houston, TX - Energy Corridor - Memorial - CityCentre


Click here to see the Hotel Website



On November 30, we have an exciting opportunity to be part of a top-class networking event at an ultra-exclusive Executive Club.
It's crucial for you to be registered to join in – spots are extremely limited.
To ensure your participation, please register as soon as possible.
Without registration, unfortunately, entry is not possible, and we won't be able to make exceptions. 
Secure your spot now at
Don’t miss out on this unique networking experience!


Traveling from Houston Intercontinental Airport (George Bush) to Memorial City by Uber will cost approximately $51.00 one way. Alternatively, a taxi, which might be less comfortable, could be around $80. 
Our recommendation would be to consider renting a car. 
Even better, hold off for a bit, as many attendees are planning to rent cars, and you might have the opportunity to carpool. This could be a more economical and enjoyable option. The main challenge lies in aligning flight schedules, but don't worry – we'll assist with coordinating this during our final pre-event call. 


Why Don't You Guys Hire A Mini-Bus For Transportation?

A common question we often receive is about the feasibility of hiring a mini-bus for transportation. On the surface, it seems like a convenient option, but there are a few downsides. Firstly, the cost can be quite steep, reaching around $950 per day. Plus, drivers are very inflexible with timings and waiting times. And often leads to waiting for others, people missing the bus and plenty of other inconveniences.
From our experience in organizing 17 events, we've learned that alternative transportation methods often work out better. For events in cities with notable safety issues, like Cairo or Bangkok, we do consider more controlled transport options.
Thankfully, Houston is known for being both safe and hospitable. It's a large city with its own unique rhythm, and having hosted events here on four occasions, we’re well-acquainted with its characteristics. Rest assured, we’re constantly thinking about the best ways to navigate the city. Our team is actively working on transportation logistics to ensure that every aspect of your experience is smooth and enjoyable. We appreciate your understanding and are excited to provide a seamless experience for you!

Register for the Guest Board


Dear Magician,
🌟 This is an essential step for you. As our event involves a lot of dynamics both during and after, we're using an incredible app called Guest Board. Trust me, you'll soon see why it's such a fantastic tool for events like ours.
Inside Guest Board, you'll have access to everything you need: the event agenda, crucial information, and it's also our primary communication channel. With us moving in multiple vehicles, staying updated through the app is vital.
📲 What we need you to do:1. Download the Guestboard app on your phone using the link below and set up your account.2. Sign up to create an account at the bottom of this section
Download the App for an IphoneDownload the App for an Android
📸 Another key step: Please upload a picture to your profile. This helps everyone recognize and remember you.
We'll have a brief training session on how to use the app before the event, but consider it our communication hub. It’s crucial for you to have it on your phone to stay in the loop.
🔗 Start by downloading the app and then registering with the link provided below. Don't forget that photo!

Note: If you're NOT attending our Houston event, please AVOID joining this app.

We certainly don't want you to feel excluded, but there are a few practical reasons why it's best not to join the group if you're not attending the event in Houston.
   Notification Overload: If you're not at the event, the constant notifications from the app can quickly become overwhelming. We've seen this happen before, so to save you the hassle, it's better to steer clear of signing up.
Organizational Challenges: As organizers, we often need to conduct headcounts and track participant engagement. Having non-attendees in the group adds unnecessary complexity to this process, making things tricky for us.
We totally get the fear of missing out (FOMO), but rest assured, you won't be left out in the long run. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to participate in future events. So, we kindly ask you to resist the temptation of signing up out of curiosity.
Please note, if an account is created by someone not attending, we will have to remove it and potentially block the associated email to maintain the integrity of the group's communication. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter! 🙏🌟



Previously, our events spanned 7 to 10 days, which we recognize was a substantial commitment, especially in terms of taking time off work. To accommodate this, we've condensed our events to 4 1/2 days. This change not only respects your busy schedule but also significantly reduces accommodation costs and other related expenses.
We have organized 4 pre-event training sessions, which are essential for all participants. These sessions are designed to equip you for success and establish you as a Key Person of Influence. They are scheduled to occur every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Central.
Please note that the first and second training sessions have already been conducted. It's crucial that you watch the recordings of these sessions before attending the event to ensure you're fully prepared and up to speed.

FIRST PRE-EVENT TRAINING: "AN ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE"Click here to watch this training
SECOND PRE-EVENT TRAINING: "HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS"Click here to watch this training




If you can invest 10 minutes watching this video, that will be AWESOME, it will explain in a NUTSHELL what you will experience in Houston


We're currently in the process of updating this page. While some of the content might be from previous events, we believe it remains relevant and useful. A common query we receive is about what to wear and what to pack for the event. To address this, I highly recommend watching our informative videos. They're packed with insights on personal branding, and they'll likely answer many of your questions.
Additionally, our final call, intriguingly titled "Next Step Hogwarts," is dedicated to addressing any remaining queries you might have. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get fully prepared, as it's scheduled at least a week before your arrival in Houston. Please ensure you watch each video to familiarize yourself with what to expect at the event. Your preparation will enhance your experience significantly!


Video 1 How to Prepare: 2 Mindset for event: 3: Packing (Ladies) 4: Packing (Gents) 5: On Location Shoot: 6: Finished Reel:

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