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Dear Fellow Magicians,
Welcome to the Enchanted Archive, a temporary page where you can access the replays of our LIVE magical sessions with the esteemed Dumbledore Ernesto. This page is as fleeting as a wisp of smoke, soon to vanish. Fear not, for the content will be neatly organized and securely placed under a Locking Charm for easy access.
A word of caution: these classes are for your delight alone. Each video is charmed to recognize your unique IP address, and this is the only place where you should view the content. Should you fall into the temptation of sharing this magical treasure freely, a powerful spell will be cast, and you shall be transformed into a toad. Truly, we implore you, do not share this page with anyone (except perhaps your trusted Virtual Assistant).
Ernesto has bestowed this temporary page upon you out of trust, to grant you convenient access to these precious recordings while we finalize their permanent, secure home. The magic is indeed real; should we detect multiple IP addresses accessing these lessons, it will be clear that the enchantments have been shared. This will force us to make the content vanish, even if the behind-the-scenes arrangements are not complete. So, heed this warning well.
Stay enchanted,The Hogwarts Administration Team


Dear Magicians,

Prepare for a magical journey! Our next Credibility Staging Event is set for September in the spellbinding land of Montana. It’s time to gather your wands, pack your trunks, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! 

Let me know by owl, email, or any other magical means if you'll be joining us. This could be our final event of 2024, making it absolutely VITAL that you attend, especially if you’ve missed out before or can’t wait to experience our Hogwarts-esque gathering again.

Send your RSVP ASAP!


Here Are the Links To The Past Sessions:

How to Get Started with Your Project Page:https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTYyMTU3MA==
Authority Amplification Session Module 5 LinkedInMar 12, 2024https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY2NTI4Nw==
Module 5 - InstagramMarch 27, 2024Click here to watch the Replay of our First Session on Instagram
Tools and templates:www.verdugo.vip/archetypes Kim Kardashian https://chat.openai.com/g/g-TFFTzfSUj-kimKim Kardashian only works on Chat GPT 4 (Paid ChatGPT)Tool for creating a FULL Grid on Instagram:https://mysocialboutique.co/instagram-grid-maker/
Instagram Training 2 Interview with Kim Kardashian Bot Module 5 CTAApr 3, 2024https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTYzMjkxNg==
Instagram and LinkedIn implementation session Module 5Apr 10, 2024
Instagram How To Session (3)https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY0OTMxMQ==
Understanding Instagram Content (4) https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY1OTE2MA==
Tools and templates:So Kim K is ready to help you with EVERYTHING Instagram https://chat.openai.com/g/g-TFFTzfSUj-kim
Gary Vee is ready to help you with EVERYTHING else Social Media https://chat.openai.com/g/g-gS8aJoBL7-gary-vee
Then we have Barnum, he can help you create GREAT Barnum statementsfor your social media posts. Barnum is an expert for creating engagingcaptions for your posts. 50 words or less.Barnum: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-WExEmBrLA-barnum
Mind you, use Barnum Statements on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr andPinterest. BUT I recommend you do not use them for INSTAGRAM. 
"The Gram" is very different than the other platforms. Instagram is your GlossyMagazine and Crap posts published on Instagram will hinder your brandinstead of enhancing it so be warned!
Last but not least, we have a very special assistant for you "Barnum Bite"he is an expert helping you create Sound Bites for your Video Reels.Barnum Bite: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-3ndyFT5Ck-barnum-bite
How to Use Instagram CTA module 5 video 1Apr 24, 2024https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY0OTMxMQ==
Instagram Implementation CTA video 2May 1, 2024https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY0MDIwOQ==
Final Instagram callMay 8, 2024https://ernestoverdugo.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTY1OTE2MA==
Tools and templates:Color Palette discovery tool: www.perception.ioHow to choose your Insta Color Palette www.verdugo.vip/colors. Tool to create your Insta Profile Pic www.remove.bgCapcut (Google it) or InShot (app)TEMPLATESTemplate to create Easy Insta Pins Bit.ly/instapinsTemplate to create a FULL 9 pic grid: Bit.ly/biginstagridTemplate to create easy insta posts Bit.ly/instaposttemplate
Tools and templates:
Canva for pictures, CapCut for video. Both freemium.www.me-qr.comInstagram Grid Makerbit.ly/carrouseltemplateBit.ly/highlighs (No T in highlight)bit.ly/instagramcoverhttps://publer.io/
Here's a list of all the stuff you should be working on for Module 5
LinkedIn Tasks

Make sure to give LinkedIn testimonials, your goal is to get 35 of them!
You must get 25 articles on LinkedIn (at least one a week).
Continue posting intelligent content for indexing purposes on LinkedIn.
Continue writing recommendations on LinkedIn.
Finish upgrading your LinkedIn page.

Social Media Posting

Post on Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr.
Post intelligent posts on LinkedIn.
Go and post on Facebook (avoid posting irrelevant content).
Continue posting content for indexing purposes on Twitter and other platforms.

Instagram Tasks

Fix your Instagram profile. (Look at Ernesto’s and work with Kim Kardashian)
Archive the irrelevant posts on Instagram.
Delete ugly posts from your Instagram account.
Delete random followers from your Instagram account.
Download a few reels from Instagram using Plubler.io Instagram Downloading tool.
Scroll through Instagram and experience the “Dopamine jolt” effect.
Create a carousel to teach an interesting concept.

Personal Branding and Content Creation

Make sure you understand your Branding Personas.
Study & follow 20 creators you like who are in your niche.
Define your “content style” (FUN/INTERESTING/INTERESTING CONTENT).
Ask Kim Kardashian or Gary Vee to prepare a 7-day 70% 20% 10% content strategy.
Design a couple of posts on Canva using Ernesto’s format.
Make sure to finish your 30-day challenge.
Practice teaching a 30-second lesson with a strong hook.

Learning and Tools

Learn how to use Gary Vee, Kim Kardashian, Barnum Bites, and Barnum.
If you do not know how to do it, go to YouTube.
Learn how to use Canva on YouTube.
Read the content on www.verdugo.com/colors.
Design your color palette using the perception design tool.
Find the “style” tab on Canva and find a palette similar to what you want.


Look for printed photos to digitize using Photomyne.
Make sure you get your Google My Business account.
Ask for help in the group or ask Ernesto on WhatsApp.