Here's How Local Chambers Of Commerce Around The World, Effectively Power the "Commerce" in Their Communities!

Founder and CEO of Chamber Nation, Richard Scully has a rich and extensive background in process automation with many years in corporate infrastructure design, automation, and community advertising networks. His vast experience prepared him to successfully build Chamber Nation from the ground up.

"Chamber Nation is a national organization with projects in forty-five states and Europe. The company uses innovative technology to provide Chambers of Commerce, merchant groups, and other business the power to automate their workflow and economic processes.

Chamber Nation has received multiple "Business of the Year"; awards and has had a significant impact on Chambers of Commerce across the country. Richard Scully contributes his expertise and time by working with Chamber of Commerce executives to better serve their members while working to increase membership.

Richard got started on Chamber Nation after he heard an interview with a chamber executive on a local radio station. During the interview, the chamber executive interviewed explained that most chambers budget was too low for the chamber to operate efficiently.

How's this possible? He asked himself...

He soon discovered, most chambers of commerce were looking at commerce the wrong way! They were seeing chamber members as individuals and not as a community. Scully saw a need and had a plan to fill it. He began with only two small Chambers of Commerce, obtained funding, and leverage provided by a Chamber executive in Goodyear, Arizona, who saw his vision but told him she would "kill him" if his program didn't work. But it did work.

The amazing results obtained by these chambers of commerce inspired him to grow the company. Today hundreds of Chamber of Commerce executives across the country who joined Chamber Nation are seeing potential like never before because of the incredible technology, committed staff and its founder and CEO, Richard Scully.

Chamber Nation is completely changing the value proposition of becoming a member of the Chamber because the Chamber of Commerce is now able to power the “Commerce” like never before within their communities. 

Scully likes to say to its customers, “You Run the “Chamber” and Chamber Nation will handle the “Commerce,” so between us we can deliver so much more to your members. 

Because of the detail and smarts going into the Chamber Nation systems, it has become a very efficient platform. In the past, most chambers of commerce had useless websites and poorly assembled databases, today through the vision and 'know-how' of Mr. Scully, chamber executives can run their chamber of commerce more effectively and their members get much more valued for less money.

Richard Scully is so committed to helping chambers of commerce, that besides being the CEO of Chamber Nation, he enjoys working regularly in customer support to take special care of all their customers around the world.