Join Eric Yaillen & Ernesto Verdugo In This Practical & Relevant Training for 2024 and Beyond

Ever Wondered What's the Secret to Becoming an Irresistible Speaker for Event Planners? or What Makes Event Planners Say 'Yes' to Speakers?

To uncover the answers to both of these burning questions, join us at this exclusive and training event.

Cracking the Event Planner Code and Learning Their Hiring Criteria is the Secret to Securing Consistent Speaker Gigs.

What Will I Be Learning In This Training?

● Avoid the Costly Mistakes Made by Most Speakers● Find Out Why 98% of Speakers Get Ignored● How To Nail the Speaker Hiring Checklist● How To Think Like An Event Planner● How Event Planners Hire Speakers

This 45-minute session is tailor-made to provide you with clear, actionable insights on what it takes to consistently secure speaking gigs as a speaker.
We understand your time is valuable, so we GUARANTEE each minute on this presentation will provide you with insights we GUARANTEE no one else is sharing!

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Tuesday January 23, 2023 At: 2:00 P.M. (CST)

3:00 PM Eastern /12:00 PM Pacific Time

Attention Speakers, Trainers and Coaches:

As we step into 2024, Google's significant changes are paving the way for unprecedented opportunities in the realm of speakers, trainers, and coaches. 

To seize these opportunities, it's crucial to grasp a secret aspect of the Speaking Industry that's seldom shared: the art of capturing the attention of Event Planners and building instant credibility and trust to win their hearts.
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Who Is Ernesto Verdugo?

Ernesto is a multiple award winning speaker who has presented in 65 countries for people of 130 nationalities in 3 languages.

With over three decades of experience as both a seasoned speaker and an event organizer, he boasts a remarkable track record of hosting events across 26 countries on 5 continents, featuring more than 500 speakers in cities like Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Amsterdam, Madrid, Mumbai, and Bangkok.
His unparalleled insights into the speaker hiring process are now available to empower you, leveraging his deep understanding of this industry from both perspectives
Google his name and you'll find amongst the 463,000 results,  he is the 247th most traveled person in the world.
Get ready for an eye-opening training!
Here's his in-depth profile


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