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BTW, we recommend you book your flights to George Bush Intercontinental Airport as you will find better deals.

What's Included In The Tuition For Your Key Person of Influence Certification?

This is an IMPORTANT QUESTION!We've been doing these events since 2015 and we've changed the format and the deliverables multiple times to make sure EVERY PARTICIPANT gets EVERYTHING they need during this experience!
There are 3 MAIN Elements required to become a KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE:
1) EDUCATIONYou need to understand the elements to become OMNIPRESENT. WE will create together with you the assets you require to make YOU look like a Rock-Star and the different techniques we use to develop the right 'optics' to make you stand out from the crowd. That's why, before and after the event you'll have LIVE and recorded training to guarantee you'll be successful. After completing your KPI Education you'll obtain a certificate endorsed by the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce the Fulshear-Katy Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Nation and obviously Speak Internationally.
2) MARKETING ASSETSDuring your time with us in Houston, you'll get the opportunity to develop ALL the assets that you will require to put together an INCREDIBLE media kit and a phenomenal character/conversion video reel. We will provide you with RAW ASSETS and PROCESSED ASSETS. Your pictures and video clips are considered raw assets and your website and your video reel (s) are considered the processed assets.
This is the ONLY program in the world where you can develop the marketing assets you require to fill out your website and create your promotional reels. You will be AMAZED by how incredible your website will look and how professional your promotional video reels will feel. This is the SOLUTION to rapidly position yourself as a KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE!
3) EXECUTIONYour Key Person of Influence certification program is based on a 'done-with-you' methodology. This means that YOU need to get involved on the process. Why? You might ask... Simple, you know yourself better than we will ever get to know you. Crafting your KPI profile and achieving Digital OMNIPRESENCE can only be done IF we work together as a team. For up to 6 months, we will guide you as much as possible to insure you will be successful during the metamorphosis of becoming a KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE.

Based On These 3 Elements, We Developed An Itemized List Of Deliverables You'll Be Receiving During Your KPI Certification Experience:

    4 Day Asset Creating Event in Houston, Texas Value $1750

    4 LIVE Pre-Event Virtual Training Sessions Value$800

    KPI Certification endorsed by 3 Chambers of Commerce (If You Complete The Program) Value: Priceless

    Photo Studio Session Including 17+ Pictures Value: $250

    Action Photos of You on Stage Including 12+Pics Value: $250

    Outside 'Corporate' Photo Shoot with 12 Pics Value: $250

    $15,000,000 Media Kit Template (Website With White Label License) Value: $1500 (Hosting NOT Included)

    B-Roll Footage To Create Multiple Reels Value: $750

    ONE Edited 'Conversion/Character' Video Reel Value: $750

    Unlimited Customer Support for 6 Months Value: Priceless

    LIVE YouTube Group Coaching (5 Sessions After Event)Value: $750

    LinkedIn Training (Recorded) Value: $99

    Advanced ZOOM Strategies Training (Recorded) Value: $147

    Pocket Film-Making Training (Recorded) Value: $197

    Tactical Optics Training (Recorded) Value: $297

    Key Person of Influence Training (LIVE & Recorded) Value: $997

    Attraction Marketing Training (Recorded) Value: $147

    Customer Journey & Customer Experience Training (Recorded) Value: $97

    Client Acquisition Strategies Training (Recorded) Value: $197

    2 LIVE Group Support ZOOM Calls After the Event Value: Priceless

    INTERNET OMNIPRESENCE Training (LIVE & Recorded Value: $497


In 2015, when we got started offering these services, this event was sold for $15K. After all, every website and video reel was individually created and the labor costs were exorbitant. After doing this event 17 times, we streamlined operations and developed a "Henry Ford Type" assembly line that makes it more affordable by using copyrighted templates. This is the reason why, we managed to dramatically reduce the operational and development costs. This should be GREAT news for you, as nowadays your investment will be at a fraction of the original cost without compromising the quality of the end product.
Hiring photographers, film makers, directors, webmasters, video editors on your own, will rapidly become expensive. Finding and hiring audiences and professional venues where to do your shootings will not only be expensive but also complicated.
A mediocre "personal branding" website and a 'middle-of-the-range' promotional video-reel, will end up costing the same or more of what your investment will be for this entire transformational experience. 

For Your Convenience, We Offer You 3 Different Payment Plans...

If you require a little extra time taking care of your tuition, we are happy to find a workable solution with you and even suggest 0% financing options. If this is the case, please contact Ernesto at your earliest convenience.

At This Point, You've Only Covered Your Non-Refundable $250 "Save My Spot" FeeYou Have Until September 24, 2022 To Select Your Payment Plan


We have a WAITING LIST Of People Interested In Being Part Of This Experience. In Case You Have NOT Selected Your Payment Plan By September 24, 2022, we will start releasing spots and You might loose your spot, so PLEASE make sure to select your payment plan at your earliest convenience.

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    One Payment of $2,500

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    3 Payments of $850

    This deal works out GREAT! 3 monthly payments of $850 ($2,550 Total)


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    4 Payments of $650

    If you prefer an extra month to cover the tuition for your Key Person of Influence Certification we offer you 4 payments of $650 ($2,600 Total)


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If you need further help to cover your tuition, please call Ernesto Verdugo at +1 713 591-2251

We look forward to meeting you in 'Space City' USA On November 9-13, 2022


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