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Welcome aboard!Ernesto VerdugoHead Instructor of the C.T.A Method


Welcome to an incredible 12-month journey that will leave you with remarkable results. Consider this roadmap not as a strict sequence, but more like a delightful Chinese restaurant menu, where you decide what components are more important for you at any particular time.


Throughout these twelve months, you'll experience a mix of pre-recorded training, invigorating group coaching, personalized one-on-one sessions, and captivating LIVE events. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach; we understand that each person's needs may vary during this training.
We want you to know that your active involvement is key to your success. Most of our implementation components are "Done-With-You," ensuring you receive hands-on guidance for optimal results. While we do offer "Done for You" elements, please note they are not included in your tuition.
Let's make this clear: this is not a membership that you can cancel at will. We offer financing options for your convenience, but if you choose to cancel your participation or halt the agreed monthly payments, you will forfeit further education access and your ALL of your assets. Additionally, we retain the right to pursue legal action for full payment.
By making your initial payment, you're confirming that you've signed up for a Payment Plan, not a subscription. You're responsible for the full amount, as outlined in our terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms within 72 hours of your first payment, we'll end the agreement, and you won't be part of our beta test program. After 72 hours, you're agreeing to the terms and taking responsibility for the full amount split into payments.
With kindness and clarity, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey, ready to roll up your sleeves and put into practice all that we share. Together, we'll reach new heights of success, leaving you empowered and fulfilled. Welcome to a life-changing experience!
Our full set of terms and Conditions are here:

On-boarding Process:

As previously communicated during your purchase process, we're delighted to have you as part of our select group of 'Beta Testers' for our transformative program. It's important to note that some training components are still undergoing final development stages.
Please understand that the special pricing you've secured for this program is a unique, one-time opportunity. You have joined as one of the privileged beta testers, and your commitment entails actively participating in its refinement and development over a one-year period.
We want to stress that the selection of beta testers was a careful process, and your cooperation is vital in helping us improve the program. If you opt not to collaborate, please be aware that this decision not only denies another deserving individual this chance but also hinders our overall program development.
We genuinely appreciate your dedication and look forward to your valuable contributions to this life-changing program.
To ensure you have a smooth and fulfilling experience, we kindly request that you schedule an On-boarding call with Ernesto Verdugo. He will guide you through the program details and answer any questions you may have. 
Simply visit www.bettercallernie to book a 30-minute call with him. We value your involvement and can't wait to support you on this incredible journey!