Ready To Be the Name Everyone Trusts?

Here's Your Blueprint to Gain Instant Credibility & Respect, Stand Out From the Crowd, Attract New Opportunities, Command Higher Fees and Become a Trusted Authority! 

Hello there! I'm Ernesto Verdugo, and I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the "Credibility and Trust Acceleration Method." 
On this page, we'll break down the nine essential steps to catapult you from the shadows of anonymity to the spotlight of expert positioning in record time.
But first, a quick heads-up!
In today's AI-driven economy, where everyone's whipping up impressive content at the drop of a hat, two things reign supreme: 
Credibility and Trust. 
When potential clients or partners or event planners consider you, their decisions are often instantaneous. They'll gauge whether to collaborate with you or whether your fees are justified, based on just a quick Google search.
Here's what they're looking for:
1) A prominent Google Panel, asserting your authority.2) A strong digital footprint on Google Image Search.3) Solid recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.4) A professional B2B website that not only showcases your portfolio but puts you leagues ahead of your competition.
Let's ensure you tick all these boxes!


Imagine this: Opportunities flowing in and doors wide open because you're THE go-to expert, seen everywhere, clearly worth your top price. 
Now, compare that to a digital profile that just says 'meh' and feels like, "I'll take what I can get." Big difference, right? Remember, people will judge you by what they find online when they Google your name!

Please take just 5 minutes to watch this video. It highlights the crucial role of credibility and trust in positioning, and you'll discover how we can guide you to stellar digital omnipresence.

"Your Personal Brand = Trust" -Steve Jobs

Are You Perceived as the Main Attraction or Merely Another "Wannabe"?

Consider this: True stars don't need to pitch themselves - they're immediately pulled into the conversation, with potential partners or employers just hoping they can match their price.
On the flip side, a "wannabe" is judged by their online presence, constantly caught in the cycle of proving their worth. Even if you're the perfect fit for a gig, their offers often come in at a fraction of what you're worth. 


Don't Let That Be You!

Listen up! In today's world, without even realizing it, we're all constantly "auditioning." Every time someone Googles you, be it for a speaking gig, a job, a business partnership, or even a date, that's your audition. 
If your online presence doesn't dazzle them instantly, they might not even tell you — they'll just quietly move on to the next option
So, even if you're the best fit for what they're seeking, if your "digital audition" doesn't nail it, you won't even know you've been passed over. 
And on the off chance you do get an offer? 
It'll likely be way lower than what you deserve.
Don't let that be your story. 
Make sure when they search, they see the best of you!

When Guesswork Leads to Failure!

Ever Invested in a Product or Expert and Felt Let Down?

If your answer is YES, you've been "wounded in the battlefield"
No fret, we're here to rescue you!

Most aspiring Key Persons of Influence stumble because they're in the dark. They hire 'web developers' who are equally lost, 'social media experts' who miss the mark, or, worst of all, shell out a fortune to smooth-talking 'gurus' peddling 'courses' full of empty promises!
Promises, promises – but results? Rarely


What you signed-up for is not just another 'course.'

The CTA method is a battle-tested path and methodology.
Our mission?
To shield you from B.S. and guide you every step of the way until you ACHIEVE TANGIBLE RESULTS.
What you're about to discover is a BLUEPRINT, not a list of empty promises!
You'll witness real progress at every stage, ultimately joining our ranks as a Key Person of Influence

Here's Your Step-By-Step Guide to Being Perceived as Their Dream Solution: The Expert They Must Hire and the Superstar They Crave in Their Corner!


This blueprint isn't a mere amalgamation of ideas; it's a meticulously crafted plan based on insights from leading consulting firms with expertise in Branding. These firms specialize in transforming brands into compelling forces of attraction and connection. 
They excel in creating captivating narratives that deeply resonate with audiences, forging emotional bonds and meaningful engagement. Their proficiency lies in revitalizing brand identities and experiences, enabling a distinct and commanding presence in competitive markets.
Our blueprint unfolds in THREE pivotal stages: 1. Credibility Manufacturing2. Power Positioning3. Prosperity Maximizer
Each stage is broken down into THREE tailored steps, specifically designed to cater to your unique situation.
This system is your ultimate solution, whether you're a speaker eager to secure bookings, an aspiring politician, a dedicated doctor, a sharp-witted lawyer, or a savvy real estate agent. Your first step is establishing yourself as the 'go-to expert' or, as we fondly call it, the 'Key Person of Influence.' This transformative process will propel you toward success.
Every step and phase encompasses essential elements crucial to amplifying your visibility and value.
Let's break down each step for you to understand exactly the process...

Stage # 1


The aim of this stage is to establish undeniable evidence of your expertise.
Whether you've got a slew of accolades or none at all, it's not about what you've achieved. 
You might've been an army colonel, a top expert in your field, or a captivating speaker on stage.

Without Tangible Proof to Back-up Your Claims, People Won't Take You Seriously! 

Unfortunately, many talented individuals have their accolades tucked away in garage boxes, buried in digital hard drives, or sometimes, they might not have any evidence at all.

In this stage, we're here to remedy that.


This step is like learning to become a magician. 
Here's why: In magic, magicians use techniques like 'Priming,' which sets the stage for your audience and guides their perceptions. 
They also employ 'Narrative Control' to steer the story in the prospect's mind, crucial for building trust. 
And then there's 'Misdirection,' but don't be fooled by the negative-sounding word. 
In this stage, magicians master the art of controlling their audience's attention. You've seen it before - magicians ask you to focus on one thing while the real trick is happening elsewhere. It's all about directing people's attention, just like magicians do. 
We often mention in our trainings, "The closer you watch, the less you'll see!" This means you need a helicopter's view rather than a street-level view to effectively manage people's attention. 
Remember, everything revolves around capturing people's attention.
In this step, you'll learn advanced psychological techniques that will amaze you. These techniques will help you project a larger-than-life image of you without resorting to falsehoods.

Ready To Become A Magician?

By the way, we affectionately refer to our clients as 'Magicians' because we empower them with the secrets of optics and authentic marketing wizardry to make them appear larger than life, much like Disney does in their theme parks. 
Please take a moment to watch the short video on the right, where you'll learn about a technique called FORCED PERSPECTIVE.

This technique is incredibly powerful and can also be applied to branding, allowing you to project a much greater sense of importance and stature than your current status might suggest, all by strategically using evidence to build your brand
Get ready to become a magician and create the illusion that you're a star, even if you're just starting out. 
This will help people perceive you in a more impactful light!

Meet Some of Our Magicians, and Get Ready for Your Extraordinary Adventure – You'll Soon Be One of Them!


You've gotten a peek behind the curtain, seen how the magic works.
Now, it's time to implement those mighty strategies. Ditch the usual social media noise that fades after a mere 72 hours. You're about to unlock the secret to ruling Google via savvy social media tactics.
It's not about posting all the time; it's about posting right on platforms that INDEX your content in Google!
Master this, and you won't just have fleeting moments in the spotlight; you'll secure a permanent spot on the main stage. This isn't a flash-in-the-pan strategy; it's your long-term master plan.

A single Google Search can either set you up on a pedestal, where they roll out the red carpet and hand you those fat checks, or relegate you to the background, lost like forgotten leftovers at life's buffet. 
This step is pivotal! 
And here's the twist: it's as breezy as a walk in the park when you're in the know, but feels like trekking through quicksand when you're out of the loop about where and how to post.

Ready to Master the Art ofBuilding 'Parasocial Relationships?'

Take this as an example: Ever since the advent of television, people have developed a deep connection with their favorite characters across various shows. 
Whether it was "Leave It to Beaver" or "Friends," viewers felt like they truly knew these characters. 
This phenomenon is known as the "parasocial relationship."
This concept is crucial, and it aligns perfectly with what we refer to as "Intent-Based Branding.
The more your audience sees you, the more familiar they become with your presence, and as a result, the easier it becomes for them to trust you.


It's not that you lack credentials; it's that you're missing tangible evidence to back them up.
Maybe you never had a pro capturing your prime moments, and the only snaps you have are from Uncle Bill or Aunt Tilly. 
Sorry to break it to you, but that won't cut it. 
This is where we come in: we'll help you shine like Hollywood A-listers, making Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie step aside. And yes, we'll tackle that nagging "imposter syndrome" voice too. 
Because you, my friend, belong in a Tiffany box, not some generic jewelry box from the dollar store.

Want Fat Checks? Package Yourself Accordingly!

Exquisite products like those from Apple and Tiffany are renowned not just for what's inside, but also for their stunning packaging. 
Your worth, too, hinges on the impression you create. Think about your website, photographs, videos, and social media uploads as your packaging.
Just like people judge a book by its cover, your success depends on making your packaging shine. 
Don't settle for a generic Wix website and bland stock photography – this is the reason you have invested in presenting yourself impeccably.

A Game-Changing 4-Day Experience That Will Make Your Brand WOW Everyone!

We host at least two of these blockbuster events every year, and YES, it's all included in the package.

Picture yourself across various iconic locations, with top-tier photographers and filmmakers capturing every angle to make you look the part.

This event mirrors your very own 'American Idol' journey. Beginning as an undiscovered gem, we'll mentor and guide you, refining your personal brand to perfection. 

Have a look at this short video, to get a sense of what happens during these events.

And when it's time, you'll step into the spotlight, poised to capture global attention and unlock a world of boundless opportunities!

Our team will guide you through a complete makeover, curating the most invaluable marketing assets you'll ever possess. From the US to Dubai, Spain to India, Amsterdam to Thailand, and unique locations like Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, you have the chance to join us anywhere. 
It's all about adding that global star quality that'll leave others utterly awestruck.


Listen up, it's not just speakers who benefit from these game-changing events. We've boosted the brands of doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, authors, and more. 
In today's world, every profession demands a rock-solid digital presence. Just wait until you hit Step 3 in the Credibility & Trust Acceleration method – it's a game changer!

Mastering Optics: Your Key to Industry Leadership and Outperforming Competitors

True leaders are recognized through their visible presence in leadership moments, especially when they grace the stage with remarkable photos. However, capturing these moments can be challenging, and many miss out on showcasing their achievements simply because they lack the right photographs.
That's where we come in. We curate extraordinary events on impressive stages, ensuring you have the perfect optics to convey your leadership message effectively.


But that's not all. We'll go the extra mile by capturing exceptional footage designed to craft powerful reels that elevate you as a true leader. While others may offer 'Demo-Reels' showcasing your speaking engagements, what truly sells your image is a 'Positioning Reel' – think of it as a compelling commercial all about you!
Now, picture this: Your target audience watches this short video, and you'll witness how it supercharges the trust and credibility-building process, making you the go-to choice for opportunities and business partnerships.

Can you see how these reels effortlessly position Frank as the unrivaled expert in identity theft—the very audience he aims to connect with? 
This concise video delivers precisely what his potential clients want to hear.
During this stage, you'll craft a compelling positioning reel that sets you apart as the key individual your potential clients are eager to hire.
This strategic move will put you miles ahead of any competitor. As you can clearly see, effective positioning backed by compelling optics is the ultimate key to success.

Stage #2


Effective brand positioning plays a pivotal role when you aim to increase your fees or establish yourself as the go-to expert. But here's the thing: positioning isn't about shouting your greatness from the rooftops; that's just a desperate cry for attention. 
Key people of influence, on the other hand, rely on a wealth of COMPELLING EVIDENCE to position themselves effectively. They master the art of optics to appear exceptional.


Consider Apple as a prime example.
Their packaging and positioning are nothing short of perfection. 
They don't just tout their products; they explain WHY you should choose them! 
The same principle applies to you. Instead of focusing on how amazing you are, give people a compelling reason to hire you. The "me, me, me" approach simply doesn't cut it.

The cornerstone of this ad's effectiveness lies in the 'We believe' statement. When your beliefs align with your audience's, a powerful connection is forged. This alignment makes people identify with you, creating a compelling desire to do business together.

Key Influencers Craft Portfolios, While Others Settle for Websites!

 Portfolios Define Key Influencers, Websites Define the Average!
It's remarkably easy to spot the difference between an amateur and a pro. 
Amateurs flaunt their 'greatness,' flooding their websites with newsletters, blogs, product pitches, and books, resembling a chaotic digital flea market.
Key People of Influence, on the other hand, curate impeccable portfolios that showcase their undeniable expertise, supported by rock-solid evidence. 
As we embark on this project, you'll craft a powerhouse portfolio that will set an industry standard
The most remarkable part? Instead of chasing clients, they'll flock to you because they'll trust you instantly."


Ignorance No Longer Equals Bliss – It Means Missed Opportunities!

To the untrained eye, these websites may seem indistinguishable. 
However, for event planners and decision-makers, a website can swiftly reveal who's worth hiring and who's not. If you prioritize your needs over those of decision-makers, you're inadvertently sabotaging your chances.
No one cares about your business model, coaching program, newsletter, or blog. A decision-maker won't sign up for your free gift. If that's what your website offers, you're unwittingly missing out on opportunities.
During this stage, we'll collaborate with you to create a dynamic powerhouse portfolio that speaks directly to decision-makers. Whether it's securing speaking engagements or securing investments, messaging is paramount. In our experience, 93% of professionals miss the mark. 
Consider yourself fortunate because everything is about to change on this stage.


What if the internet's 800-pound gorilla, the god of the web, vouched for you?
How invaluable would that be?
 Today, it's not just about SEO to rank in search results; it's about becoming a Google Entity.

Becoming a Google Entity, with your own Knowledge Panel, is the ultimate branding goal.
Achieving this isn't simple, but when you uncover the 'where to post,' 'how to post,' and 'where not to post,' your chances of Google validation skyrocket by 10X.
Event planners and decision-makers in every industry seek validated speakers, consultants, partners, and service providers.
During this stage, we'll work on making you a Google Entity. While we can't guarantee it, following our guidelines triples your chances of this remarkable achievement.

This video explores the inner workings of the Knowledge Graph, clarifying its functionality and underscoring the importance of aligning online information with your digital presence. This alignment significantly improves your chances of becoming a recognized Google Entity.

Amplify Your Authority Using The Correct Platforms, Correctly!

This pivotal step is where we reveal how we've truly revolutionized the lives of countless professionals. 
Imagine this: for effective branding, investing time in Facebook might not be your best bet. (Because it hardly indexes) Instead, we focus on four specific platforms that hold the key—ones that actually index your content.
Why aim for indexing in Google?
Simple, it's all about feeding the Knowledge Graph and making Google intimately aware of your identity and the value you bring. 
In this phase, we'll collaboratively unveil coveted strategies that grant you lasting omnipresence. 
Brace yourself, as this part of the blueprint is a game-changer that leaves everyone wide-eyed!


This step is packed with techniques and strategies that work like magic to capture attention, especially in a world where attention is the most valuable currency.

On social media, most people are content consumers, but here, you'll become a social media wizardskilled in the art of grabbing attention.
Not only will you master the art of attention-grabbing, but you'll also develop a robust indexing strategy that's reshaping how key people of influence perceive social media. 


Rising Beyond Social Media: Earning Traditional Media Spotlight

For a while, internet con artists were peddling programs promising media appearances. 
They'd demand a hefty fee, only to guide you toward obscure stations in Tulsa or Nacogdoches. 
Some even teach the 'art' of submitting press releases, claiming you'd been featured on major TV networks. 
But that 'fake attention' for bragging rights is utterly pointless and very harmful for your reputation!


If your website showcases an image like this, without genuine video clips to back it up, your credibility is at severe risk of crashing to the ground. BEWARE!

Your Ticket to TV Stardom on a National and Global Scale Hinges on Understanding the Difference Between Publicity and Advertising!

Journalists are perpetually in search of captivating stories. 
By crafting the right hook and mastering the art of delivering your message in concise soundbites, you unlock the doors to potential news coverage.
It's crucial to bear in mind that the news isn't interested in your product or services; it's all about being genuinely newsworthy.


But why should you care about being on TV if you can't directly promote your services, you might wonder...
The answer is simple: it's not about selling. If you want to sell, invest in advertising. 
What we're talking about is becoming a trusted resident commentator in the news. Imagine being the go-to expert whenever breaking news hits, across any topic. The media calls upon you for your insights, solidifying your expertise with each appearance.

What if a Former TV Anchor Spills the Beans on How to Become a Media Darling?


Andrea Gomez has been my media mentor. Thanks to her, I've landed 27 TV appearances, from lively debates to news commentary and documentaries. 
She's one of today's most effective and dynamic publicity experts out there. 
The best part? You can learn directly from her during LIVE sessions.
Now, you might wonder, 'Can she really get me on TV?' 
The answer is a resounding YES, but you need to be both trustworthy and newsworthy.
In total, I've spent 129 minutes on National Television over a year. 
If we value that airtime at $3000 a minute, Andrea has secured me a whopping $387,000 worth of FREE publicity. Compared to her professional services, it's a drop in the bucket. 
Yes, she's available to guide you and teach you how to deliver exceptional TV segments BUT again, you MUST be already positioned as Key Person of Influence in order for her to work her magic on you!

Important Disclaimer: Being featured on TV and utilizing Andrea Gomez's services are NOT included in your package. However, when you follow her teachings and successfully position yourself as a key person of influence with a robust digital presence and personal brand, she will be delighted to collaborate with you. Additionally, Andrea excels in product placement. You'll gain comprehensive insights into how TV operates, whether you choose to work with her as a publicist or aim to create compelling TV segments for attracting new customers. Her expertise will prove invaluable.

Stage #3


Now that you've grasped the essentials of positioning yourself as the sought-after expert, it's time to supercharge your business. 
This final stage consists of three key components: 'Gain Your AI Advantage,' 'Effortless Authorship,' and 'Designing Your Product Ecosystem.' 
Brace yourself for the most thrilling phase of this blueprint. 
We assure you that what you'll craft here will place you light-years ahead of the competition!


I'm incredibly enthusiastic about Machine Learning! It's amazing how you can teach a computer, much like having a super-smart pet. 
This step isn't just about using Chat GPT, as 95% of the world already does. Instead, imagine having a whole team of AI agents that make your tasks easier. That's what this stage is all about.
Here, you'll explore an aspect of AI that few people are currently tapping into. 
These strategies are like magic, and they'll reveal fantastic opportunities, even if you're not very tech-savvy.


In less than a year, I had the honor and privilege of authoring four books, and the process was truly effortless. 
Let me clarify – when I say 'I wrote,' I mean that these books bear my personal imprint, not the AI's robotic touch. 
Some misguided individuals may encourage you to use AI for book writing, but they fail to mention the soulless and heartless nature of such books.
My books, on the other hand, carry my essence throughout. They weren't written by AI; they were crafted with the assistance of an exceptionally sophisticated AI literary agent prompt.
This made the books not only easy to read but also irresistibly compelling.


Oberon My Highly Sophisticated AI Literary Agent


Meet Oberon, my sophisticated AI Literary agent. Oberon has devoured the contents of over 32,000,000 books, mastering the styles of authentic New York Times bestselling authors and literary classics. 
Imagine your ideas coming to life with impeccable style, all without worrying about grammar or spelling—Oberon excels in those areas.
It's your vision, your essence, but now, you have the mightiest computational power at your disposal to make you shine as a true genius! 

What's more, I'll guide you through the entire book publishing journey: from designing the cover to effective marketing and, most importantly, turning your book into a profitable venture instead of hearing crickets on your Amazon page. It's an unparalleled experience!

Becoming a Published Author is Your Career's Gateway to Unexpected Opportunities!

Maybe you've already published a book, and you're thinking, 'I've been there, done that.' 
But here's the catch: we're not talking about chasing the fake badge of becoming an 'Amazon bestselling author' – that's just smoke and mirrors.
Why is it all smoke and mirrors? 
Well, let me share a little secret: I've been a bestselling author 21 times in a single day! Can you believe that? 
It might sound impressive, but here's the catch – it's incredibly easy to achieve this so-called 'bestseller' status with Amazon's Book Ranking System.
Many folks out there claim the title of 'Amazon Bestselling Author' even if it lasts for just an hour! 
To put it bluntly, it's all a load of nonsense.
What if you could create a life-changing book in under 30 days, utilizing the enchanting support of Oberon? Your knowledge and wisdom expressed as if you were a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, unlocking doors you never knew existed.


Dawna Campbell, one of our Magicians, has gained significant recognition thanks to her debut self-help novel. This remarkable book spans over 350 pages, containing a whopping 53,000 words – all crafted by her, with Oberon's valuable assistance. When you hold a substantial 350-page book with over 53,000 words in your hands, it undeniably establishes you as a prominent expert. 
Wouldn't you agree?

Well, This Is Exactly What You're Going to Do in This Step!

Self-Help Novels Constitute Over 40% of the Most Popular Books in the Self-Help Category for One Simple Reason: They're Easy to Read!

In today's world, it's true that fewer people are diving into educational stuff, opting for entertainment instead. 
But here's the thing: Self-Help novels are on fire! They're easy to get into and super convincing. Who doesn't love a good story, right? 
Check out the stats on the right – more than 40% of the top Self-Help books are novels. Think 'Rich Dad Poor Dad,' 'The Alchemist,' 'Who Moved My Cheese,' 'The Celestine Prophecy'... they've got their own fan base.
Now, picture this: You, as a self-help novelist. In just over a month, you could whip up a chunky 300+ page book that positions you as a real leader in the field. Plus, with Oberon's help, your book will not just empower but also entertain, making it a fun and easy read for everyone!


We're approaching the conclusion of our journey, but in truth, this marks the beginning of our monetization phase. What lies ahead is the most sophisticated business plan you've ever encountered.
While every marketing 'guru' out there preaches 'FUNNELS,' the takeaway from this step is entirely different: it's about mastering the art of monetizing a comprehensive range of products.
This isn't your typical approach, where you start with a $27 offer, then $97, and finally $197. 
No, this is a whole new ballgame. Imagine crafting, alongside me, a product ecosystem that enables you to sell without the traditional sales pitch, spanning from low-ticket to high-ticket offers.

Cracking The Monetization Code: What Is a Product Ecosystem?

Before we jump into the idea of a product ecosystem, let me share a comparison. Imagine your first visit to Paris; one of the must-see sights is the Eiffel Tower. 
Interestingly, the City of Paris may not directly make money from the Eiffel Tower – in fact, it might cost them to maintain it. 
But that's not the important part. The Eiffel Tower is a famous attraction that brings millions of people to Paris every year.

Be the Eiffel Tower: Draw People to Your Magnetic Personal Brand and Offer Them Solutions To Their Problems NOT PRODUCTS

While in Paris, various businesses thrive – like hotels, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and more – all because of the Eiffel Tower. 
In this case, the Eiffel Tower is like a BRAND, and all the surrounding businesses form the product ecosystem.
Many online 'experts' often stress the need to sell products through a one-way funnel, hoping customers will buy at various price points. But here's the snag: funnels have only one way in and one destination.
Now, picture this instead: envision having multiple doors into your universe!


You become their helpful guide instead of a dreaded sales person, much like when you visit McDonald's and they ask, 'Would you like a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder? Fries or Onion Rings?

Truth is, you're here because you used one of the doors to enter my universe. Here, I'll show you the 9 routes that lead you into my world...


Can you see how amazing this is? I've used AI to understand your exact needs, so I'm speaking your language.
Now, here's the beauty of it: This works for anyone, no matter what you do or who you are.
We're not just selling stuff; we're offering solutions to problems. Your personal brand? It'll shine like a guiding light, creating a deep connection. People will know you, trust you, and you'll understand their issues. All you have to do is provide solutions.
Those outdated tactics of starting cheap and going expensive? Forget 'em! You're about to become a real magician, and this isn't just another boring 'course.' It's a journey that'll change your life forever! 

Imagine having a treasure map like mine that guides you to sell your products effortlessly. You won't have to wonder anymore because, in a few months, you'll possess your very own sales blueprint. Whether you're showcasing your services upfront or behind the scenes, during presentations, or speaking engagements, this journey will be your secret to success! 

While many view trust-building as a long-haul journey, our proven methodology will help you achieve credibility and respect in record time...

Here it is, your personalized blueprint for the year ahead. If this doesn't get you excited and pumped up, we don't know what will!
We've put our hearts and souls into creating the Credibility and Trust Acceleration Method. 
Our goal is to shield you from all the nonsense and empty promises out there. We're not just here to teach; we're your partners on this journey.
In no time, you'll become one of our 'magicians' and hopefully success stories, witnessing incredible changes in your business and professional life. All you need to do is participate, get involved, and work with us. Together, we'll help you achieve Key Person of Influence status.



We're eagerly looking forward to starting this amazing journey with you, supported by our team of experts. 
Get ready for a transformative adventure!
With excitement and pride,Ernesto Verdugo, Frank Mulcahy, and the incredible team you'll soon meet!