Your AI-Advantage

Here's the temporary page featuring key elements of the AI Advantage Module within our Credibility & Trust Acceleration Program. We're in the process of developing a new Learning Management System for easier access. As this is a Beta-Tester Program, we appreciate your understanding as we continue to build and improve the platform step by step.

Here is part 1 of This Training

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The AI Millionaire's Path Audio Book

Recently, I had the opportunity to record the audio for "The AI Millionaire's Path," a book I co-authored with New York Times Bestselling Author Raymond Aaron. Please note that the audio only covers the sections I wrote and narrated; I can't share Raymond's portions for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, the content is packed with invaluable insights on leveraging AI to write a book. I highly recommend downloading and listening to these audios for some real nuggets of wisdom.
Click here to download the Audio Book

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